Limelight – House Guide

  1. The main entrance to Limelight is via the large rear garden, accessed from The Hollows, a single track lane, please avoid using the front entrance (main road side – Needham Road/B1078) as it is dangerous.
  2. Limelight has a non-smoking policy indoors, please smoke in the garden.
  3. We use Philips Hue lights in most of the main rooms at Limelight, in the rooms where you see a Philips Hue switch, please do not touch the conventional light switch next to it. 
  4. You can keep your shoes on inside Limelight if you prefer (we fucking hate the carpet, so we don’t care if you fucking trash it).  We recently burnt holes in the carpet whilst smudging mugwort & it looks better for it 😅. When visiting in winter we advise bringing sensible footwear/wellies as it is muddy as fuck.
  5. We have 11 beds +2 couches + a tent + space for more (if you are planning on sleeping over, please make sure you book a bed prior to your visit). 
  6. If you visit Limelight but want to retreat to your own space – why not have the high class hooker experience  – you can stay at the nearby Travel lodge – remember no curb crawling to the Travelodge, it’s a great way to die quickly on that road!  We know a lot of fun sex stories about this place 😜.
  7. The central heating looks as old as Apollo 11, we intend to upgrade it to a green air source heat pump in the not too distant future.  In the mean time (in winter): at bedtime switch it to 15 degrees C, in the morning set it to a maximum of 19.
  8. Limelight has limited wall electrical sockets, if you want to charge something, please do not unplug anything.  There are several recharging stations with power boards containing conventional sockets and USB ports (top of stairs, dining table & to the immediate left of the door to the pole dancing space). 
  9. There is a small business which operates from Limelight (from the upstairs rear room) during standard business hours, when visiting Limelight during business hours, please respect the operation of the business and associated staff.
  10. Limelight tolerates guests brining pre-prepared animal food products but cooking of meat/fish etc is not allowed in the kitchen.  Limelight strongly encourages the vegan lifestyle.
  11. Limelight is a sex positive space; all are welcomed – you can read more in our Love Declaration.
  12. Limelight is the home to Obsidian a friendly and almost elderly black lab, please ensure his safety by ensuring the garden gate is kept closed.  Obsidian is in a healthy weight range and you are allowed to feed him appropriate doggy snacks should you desire.  You can even do it from the dining table if you fucking feel like it!
  13. There is onsite parking space for about four vehicles, with priority for people with access & mobility needs.  There is ample off-site parking for 50+ cars a short walk away – please ask Stinky or Cherish for more info.
  14. Limelight is situated in the tiny hamlet of Lime Kilns, we are a handful of homes populated by alternative families who are all accepting of our queerness and our neighbours frequently participate in our queer & faerie events.  You can feel comfortable to express yourself freely and openly in our colourful queer friendly hamlet.  Men wearing high heels is commonplace in Lime Kilns!
  15. Limelight is situated in the middle of beautiful farmland and natural landscapes.  There are many beautiful and safe country walks on footpaths very close by.  Please ensure you keep to the bridleways and footpaths and best to walk Obsidian or your dog on a leash as some of the landowners are not happy (may be carrying guns too) about dogs & people straying from the paths.  We have dog poo bags at Limelight, and there are ample dog poo bins out on the walks! 
  16. Canine guests are welcome at Limelight, but it may be best to introduce your furry friend to Obsidian in a neutral space prior to visiting.
  17. Limelight is not in a village and there are no shops or amenities in safe walking distance.  There is a petrol station with some fast food (Greggs for vegan sausage rolls) and accommodation nearby, but you can only access this via a short drive as walking along the road is extremely dangerous and would result in serious injury or death (there are no footpaths to the shops/petrol station).
  18. Be very careful about accessing the road from the front garden, especially at night as cars drive fast along this stretch and you step out directly into the roadway.
  19. Stowmarket train station is the closest to Limelight – this is about a ten minute drive, the train takes about 1hr and 20mins to London Liverpool St (Norwich Service).  Cherish or Stinky or some other fantastic faerie can pick up/drop-off – from/to Stowmarket.
  20. Perhaps isolation, a roaring fire, a book and a black lab is exactly what you are looking for but visiting Limelight without a car might be a little bit tricky for some faeries as there is no close-by public transport options.  There is a small village store (Cherish & Stinky are shareholders in this community shop) but this is a one hour return walk on a stunning footpath through the woods.
  21. At Limelight, we are quite partial to a photo or seven, especially when in our finest frocks, unless you specify that you do not want us to post your image online, we presume you are fine with us uploading to insta (or some other nasty platform) or our own gallery on this website. 
  22. We hope you have a fabby fae-time at Limelight.